SharePoint Document Management Software Systems

SharePoint Document Management is essentially a Document Repository System or software package that is used to track and store electronic documents and files, such as invoices, quotations, supplier delivery notes and so forth. Just as important as the storage of these documents, is the speed and ease of retrieving them. Great Document Management Software Systems is one that can store items easily and logically, and be retrieved within a click or two.


Why have a SharePoint Document Management System?

Many clients have asked us this, and our Genius IT Director, Dylan Coetzee simply asks what would happen if a fire broke out at their factory. Most replies are "Well that's the end of my business" and this is exactly why SharePoint Systems have built amazing, fully customizable Document Management Solutions for our clients!

How do our Document Repository and Document Management Software work? 

Every time an enquiry is logged into an Enquiry Register, an electronic document is created. Every quote or invoices that are produced is scanned, emailed or created with your companies SharePoint Document Management System and catalogue. By simply filtering dates, sales people, customers, order numbers you can quickly and effectively retrieve documents within a few clicks.  Simplicity at its best. Never lose another document again!