Our Business Admin Software Solutions

For our Business Admin Software, we use Office 365 through SharePoint in order to keep up with competitive businesses without stressing about business management. Using cloud-based collaboration software such as Office 365, managed by DocAve Online, we are able to work more efficiently and have access to data more reliably, resulting in satisfied customers. DocAve Online is a simple way to manage Office 365 and provides level backup and restore capabilities for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for businesses.


What our Business Software Solutions can do

With our Business Solutions, you are able to respond easily to evolving information architecture requirements with simplified content, configuration, deployment, security management and reporting capabilities while maintaining the same level of protection and control over your Office 365. SharePoint online administration allows you to simplify control settings, configurations, security and content as well as quickly identify assets and implement configurations in bulk for efficient change. Making use of granular content backup and recovery, you can protect and restore all content in Office 365, including SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive.

SharePoint online management allows you to be able to manage content, design changes and customizations. You are able to efficiently restructure your information as your business evolves. With SharePoint online synchronization you are able to ensure optimal SharePoint content and performance across dispersed instances by syncing changes to configurations, enterprise content and settings in real-time within or across global instances.