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Yammer Explained

In essence, Yammer is a social media platform designed to bring employee’s together. It affords companies the luxury of giving its employee’s channels to collaborate and share ideas on. You may have heard the term “Facebook for Business” thrown around but in reality, Yammer offers more than Facebook can. Let’s go through a few of the features that Yammer offers its users.

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User Friendliness

The first thing that you are greeted with when opening Yammer for the first time, will be a very similar looking newsfeed. Yes, it’s not coincidental that the layout and colour scheme of Yammer looks a lot like Facebook itself. There’s a reason behind this though and that’s to make it more user friendly. 99.99% of people know how to work Facebook, so keeping the layout and colour scheme similar will automatically ease newcomers into the process all the while surrounding them with familiar scenes.

Mobile Support

Yammer supports iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phones.


The focus of Yammer is to bring employee’s together and give them a platform to be able to collaborate on. The creation of “Channels” will help in this respect. As an example, you will notice that when you first enter Yammer, there is a channel called “General”. You will be able to create as many channels as you see fit. A great way to do it as an example is the below:

- Sales

- HR

- IT

Sharing files has never been easier either. You can attach files to a post or upload files to a repository inside of Yammer.


This is one that grabbed my attention right off the bat. Yammer allows you to create external networks and invite non-employees such as clients, suppliers etc. this obviously includes everyone that is in your organization too and searching for a coworker has never been so simple.


Just how Hashtags have taken over twitter, they are of importance in Yammer too. You will be able to search for documents, posts etc. All the while using words used in #Hashtags. So, make sure to mark your posts with the appropriate hashtags.


Yammer supports integration for SharePoint, Salesfore and SAP to mention a few.

Decreased Email Trails

Yammer has claimed that businesses that use Yammer, generate 40 percent less email than those that don’t use Yammer. It’s easy to see why though. There is no need to email your coworkers when you have a platform to collaborate with them on.

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