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SharePoint Lists & Libraries

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SharePoint Lists and Libraries...What to Know

SharePoint Lists are a very important parts of the architecture of the SharePoint system. It doesn't matter how big or small they are, lists and libraries are vital to your SharePoint system, they assist in planning, organizing and accounting for all data within your SharePoint system.The SharePoint Library stores your data whilst your list is your data. They assist in ensuring you find your data when you need it without the hassle of going through numerous files looking for it.

Think of lists as "online Excel spreadsheets." They contain data such as Name, Surname, Contact Info etc. These lists can then be used to pull data from and into customizable InfoPath forms so there is no need to type everything out over and over again.


How does SharePoint Lists and Libraries work?

A list or Library data is stored in a SQL server database, it uses indexes, locks and queries to maintain overall accuracy, sharing and performance within your SharePoint system. 

Privileged developers use model overrides to temporarily increase limits and thresholds for custom applications. This is only allowed if the developer has the access to it, another added benefit for security purposes.

Administrators can manage employees by specifying time windows for users and that will encourage workers to apply themselves better. You are also able to apply appropriate views, styles and page limits to speed up the display of the data on the page.



Ways to manage your lists and libraries

By creating SharePoint Indexed columns you will improve the performance of a large list or library. You can index up to 20 columns. Basically what an index within a column provides is an easy way to quickly find rows you need based on the values in each columns even if there are large amounts of information! You are able to combine indexes with filtered views to swiftly retrieve any information you are looking for.

You can create filtered views to simplify the way you look for your documents you need.



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