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Everyday millions of resources are processed into thousands of products, the world of manufacturing is large and can be arduous to keep track of with the proper system in place.

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Manufacturing Management Software

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The mass conversion of resources into another resource can be a difficult process to keep track of. The inputs and outputs as well as the several machines working at once can sometimes be tracked incorrectly. This incorrect reading can lose a company profits or lead to loss of product.

SharePoint Systems has a highly qualified and skilled team of individuals that are waiting to create the perfect Manufacturing Management software for your company.

Manufacturing Monitoring Software

Monitoring a manufacturing plant can be an arduous process, from the machines to the inputs and outputs. Another difficulty is finding a system that is both effective and easy to use for your company. While you may be settling with a system that does one thing well yet the other horribly, the solution is here.

Manufacturing Monitoring software from SharePoint Systems does not follow a routine checklist and is instead built entirely around your requirements and business processes.

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Manufacturing Businesses in South Africa

Manufacturing is the method of taking raw materials and converting them into completed items that are then sold to customers. Ranging from small to large scale business, man-made machines are deployed to create products that are needed in our personal and business enviroments. In South Africa, although there has been a slight decline in the manufacturing industry from 15% to 14%, the total sales value has increased steadily over the last 7 years.
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How can Office 365 SharePoint help Manufacturing Companies?

Even though these industries are extremely diverse and have their own set of requirements, SharePoint, with its ability to custom code, custom style and custom process workflows, every single manufacturing company could utilise the power of this product successfully. These firms may already have multiple different types of software and systems that contribute to the overall operation of the plant, but these isolated “islands” of data become difficult to gather and compare as they do not naturally integrate with each other.

SharePoint has the uncanny ability, and with the help of Azure (packaged alongside SharePoint), to collate this data into one single platform that can send and receive data automatically, producing reports, workflows and tasks that will help streamline the manufacturing process seamlessly.

ISO Controlled Processes

ISO standards are put in place to ensure that every product is of good quality and is safe for use. These standards that companies adhere to are put In place to reduce costs affected by errors and waste.

With workflows, document control, version history and many other features that SharePoint thrives on, industries can be certain that ISO can be strictly adhered to with this powerful platform.

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How Has SharePoint Systems Helped Manufacturing Firms?

We have been consulting, developing and training many companies that are within the manufacturing industry across South Africa. These include, but not limited to, the airconditioning, mobile home, paint and health manufacturing firms that are using Office 365 SharePoint and/or SharePoint On-Premise Solutions.

These include Internal Surveys, Credit Application Portal, Customer Interaction Feedback, Technical Library, Buying Requests, Management Reports, Job Cards, Suggested Selling Prices, Supplier Prices, Overstocked & Excess Inventory, Project Tracker, Inventory Forecasting, Warranty Credit Requests, Central Orders, Distribution Claims, Company Fleet & Fuel, Engineering Tasks, Site Visit Requests.