Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Software

SharePoint Systems use Microsoft Visual Studio as a rich, integrated development environment that allows us and any user to create stunning applications for Windows, Android and IOS, as well as modern web applications and cloud services. Visual Studio can produce both native codes and managed code. With Visual Studio 2015 Software creating amazing applications, Websites, Web Applications and Web services become fun and innovative!

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Features

  • Tools and services for projects of any size or complexity
  • C#, Visual Basic, F#, C++, Python, Node.js and HTML/JavaScript
  • Sprint Planning
  • Advanced debugging, profiling, automated and manual testing
  • DevOps with automated deployments and continuous monitoring


Advantages of Visual Studio

1. Custom Windows Layouts - This comes in handy when developing on multiple devices. You are able to quickly switch between devices and have support for keyboard shortcuts to your favourite layouts and the profile roams around with you as long as you stay signed into Visual Studio 2015, increasing work speed and efficiency.

2. The Code Editor is Ultimately Better - With the new code editing software, you are promised a new and improved editing experience. It shows you exactly where you need to include fixes to your code or when you need to refactor it. It will also provide suggestions based upon the code it has analysed. Making your coding more effective and improving work time.

3. Connecting to Services - Visual Studio makes it easier than ever to connect your app to services. The new Add Connected Service wizard configures your project, adds the necessary authentication support, and downloads the necessary NuGet packages to get you started coding against your service quickly and painlessly.

All in all Visual Studio 2015 is the leading software for all your developing needs and here at PikPak Tech, we use it to bring your Apps, Websites, Web Applications and Web services to life in good time with creative and innovative service as well as with unique yet precision design, your required development will be unlike any other.


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