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Wednesday, 02 August 2017 11:25


Written by Claude

Yammer Explained

In essence, Yammer is a social media platform designed to bring employee’s together. It affords companies the luxury of giving its employee’s channels to collaborate and share ideas on. You may have heard the term “Facebook for Business” thrown around but in reality, Yammer offers more than Facebook can. Let’s go through a few of the features that Yammer offers its users.

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User Friendliness

The first thing that you are greeted with when opening Yammer for the first time, will be a very similar looking newsfeed. Yes, it’s not coincidental that the layout and colour scheme of Yammer looks a lot like Facebook itself. There’s a reason behind this though and that’s to make it more user friendly. 99.99% of people know how to work Facebook, so keeping the layout and colour scheme similar will automatically ease newcomers into the process all the while surrounding them with familiar scenes.

Mobile Support

Yammer supports iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phones.


The focus of Yammer is to bring employee’s together and give them a platform to be able to collaborate on. The creation of “Channels” will help in this respect. As an example, you will notice that when you first enter Yammer, there is a channel called “General”. You will be able to create as many channels as you see fit. A great way to do it as an example is the below:

- Sales

- HR

- IT

Sharing files has never been easier either. You can attach files to a post or upload files to a repository inside of Yammer.


This is one that grabbed my attention right off the bat. Yammer allows you to create external networks and invite non-employees such as clients, suppliers etc. this obviously includes everyone that is in your organization too and searching for a coworker has never been so simple.


Just how Hashtags have taken over twitter, they are of importance in Yammer too. You will be able to search for documents, posts etc. All the while using words used in #Hashtags. So, make sure to mark your posts with the appropriate hashtags.


Yammer supports integration for SharePoint, Salesfore and SAP to mention a few.

Decreased Email Trails

Yammer has claimed that businesses that use Yammer, generate 40 percent less email than those that don’t use Yammer. It’s easy to see why though. There is no need to email your coworkers when you have a platform to collaborate with them on.

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 11:24


Written by Claude

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft have released yet another application to benefit its users. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based application that is designed to bridge any gaps when it comes to collaboration between employee’s and/or departments.  It allows you to share content, files and ideas with your work colleagues quickly and effortlessly.

What are Microsoft Teams Channels?

When you first start Teams, you will notice a channel called “General” which is created automatically. From there on you are free to create as many channels as you need. For example, you might create a channel called “sales” and have all your sales representatives in there. This way they will be able share their ideas, files and content amongst each other no matter where they are.


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What Security can I expect from Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft takes security very seriously. Because of this, customers can expect no less than what is offered to their Office 365 Customers. Data Encryption, no access to customer data, supports key compliance standards including the following (but not limited to):

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2
  • EU Model Clauses and more

What Licenses does Microsoft Teams Offer?

What licenses do Microsoft Teams offer? You will be able to get your hands-on Teams if you have one of the following Licenses:

  • Business Essentials
  • Business Premium
  • Enterprise E1
  • Enterprise E3
  • Enterprise E5
Wednesday, 02 August 2017 11:24


Written by Claude

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive For Business uses a platform called SharePoint to give each member of your team a place to store and work on documents with others. Because it uses SharePoint it also provides more administration options for working with documents. This means if you only want certain people to be able to see and access a certain document, then it can be done via Permissions within the SharePoint Site. It does not require being on the cloud as it can be installed on your own servers. 

The contents of OneDrive for Business can be synchronized with one or more devices, allowing ease of access to groups working together, whether working remotely or in the same office. It asssits with ensuring all business files are stored in a central location, this helps make it easier for useres to share and collaberate on documents. You also have the option of moving your flies to be stores within the cloud, minimising security risks and on-premesis storage costs. 

Customizing OneDrive for Business

Each OneDrive for Business site is own site collection under the personal managed pathe and a URL is created and assigned to a specific user profile. You can sync all your documents and you are able to access them from anywhere around the world on any supported device.

You can store all your files on OneDrive and udate them when ever you need to, you can then easily share documents, spreadsheets and presentations with colleagues easily. You are also able to Sync files across all your devices and are able to access them anytime from a supported device both online and offline.

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Wednesday, 02 August 2017 11:24


Written by Claude

Microsoft PowerApps

In today’s world, we can work from almost anywhere in the world. Whether it be on a plane, inside a car or even at a client meeting. The internet gives us unlimited access to our work while we are on the go. The problem lies in the fact that due to the exponential growth and need for mobile business applications, the IT departments in many companies cannot keep up with the demand for mobile business solutions. This is where PowerApps comes into play.

PowerApps is an Enterprise Service created by Microsoft to supply the user with easy access to creating custom business applications on the fly using a Microsoft Office-like layout. Once an app has been created you can share it with your team and on any device, easily.  PowerApps also works perfectly with “Microsoft Flow”.

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Monday, 27 July 2015 09:13

SharePoint Task Manager

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Sharepoint 2013 Task Management

The task management functionality available in SharePoint 2013 has many new and improved features. Features such as the ability to create sub-tasks, a new timeline view, more robust management of tasks using Microsoft Project 2013 etc. 

Sub Tasks

You now have the ability to create sub-tasks which is another new feature found in SharePoint 2013

Timeline View

The timeline view provides you with the ability to display specific tasks in a Timeline or Gantt style view. If you wish, the timeline view can be enabled or disabled for any task list within SharePoint 2013.

Aggregating Tasks to your personal site

One of the best new features available in SharePoint 2013 is the aggregation of tasks, assigned to you, in your personal site. This provides you with a view of all tasks, across the entire farm, aggregated in one place. This means, regardless of where a task resides (a department site, project suite, team site, etc.) they will be aggregated to your personal site.

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Managing Tasks

Im sure you can admit to the fact that almost every project you come across nowdays, somewhere along the line it is collaborated. Take a wedding Planner for instance, there are many different aspects of a wedding which will need to be collaborated, from florists to make up artists and photographers, everything needs to be co-ordinated. By using the Task management in SharePoint you are able to co-ordinate all your "to do's", easily communicate with your team and stay in sync of your projects.

You are able to plan and track tasks, employee assigned tasks and communicate deadlines, all in the same place as you store your documents and notes.

Monday, 27 July 2015 09:09

SharePoint Sub sites

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SharePoint Sub-Sites 

A SharePoint Site is a container of objects which can include Lists, Documents, Libraries and Pages. A site can also contain nested sites called sub sites. Sometimes the terms site and sub site are used interchangeably although they are essentially the same thing, as a sub site is just a site that lives beneath another site. Every site has at least one page,namely the home or landing page. Additional Pages can be added to the site by users and admins as needed.

A Site collection is made up of a Top - level site and all the sub-sites below it. 

Sub Sites logo

Benefits of a SharePoint Sub Site 

Each Sub-site has a different function from the main site. You can have sub -sites for different departments within your business, limiting access for those who do not need the information from the other department. Each sub-site will have information which is not needed elsewhere within the company.

Basically you want to use sub-sites when ever there is a "Division" of information, you may have a sub-site for management where the admin employees are not able to access it. 



Friday, 24 July 2015 12:09

SharePoint Lists & Libraries

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SharePoint Lists and Libraries...What to Know

SharePoint Lists are a very important parts of the architecture of the SharePoint system. It doesn't matter how big or small they are, lists and libraries are vital to your SharePoint system, they assist in planning, organizing and accounting for all data within your SharePoint system.The SharePoint Library stores your data whilst your list is your data. They assist in ensuring you find your data when you need it without the hassle of going through numerous files looking for it.

Think of lists as "online Excel spreadsheets." They contain data such as Name, Surname, Contact Info etc. These lists can then be used to pull data from and into customizable InfoPath forms so there is no need to type everything out over and over again.


How does SharePoint Lists and Libraries work?

A list or Library data is stored in a SQL server database, it uses indexes, locks and queries to maintain overall accuracy, sharing and performance within your SharePoint system. 

Privileged developers use model overrides to temporarily increase limits and thresholds for custom applications. This is only allowed if the developer has the access to it, another added benefit for security purposes.

Administrators can manage employees by specifying time windows for users and that will encourage workers to apply themselves better. You are also able to apply appropriate views, styles and page limits to speed up the display of the data on the page.



Ways to manage your lists and libraries

By creating SharePoint Indexed columns you will improve the performance of a large list or library. You can index up to 20 columns. Basically what an index within a column provides is an easy way to quickly find rows you need based on the values in each columns even if there are large amounts of information! You are able to combine indexes with filtered views to swiftly retrieve any information you are looking for.

You can create filtered views to simplify the way you look for your documents you need.



Friday, 24 July 2015 11:56

Document Centre

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SharePoint 2013 offers its users the potential to manage their documents and files with greater ease than ever before. Not only are you able to manage them easier and more efficiently but you have the option to keep them safe and secure. The fact that your document are stored online means that if your computer is stolen, you will still be able to access and download your files and documents that you have stored within the SharePoint Document Centre. Rules and Permissions also allow you to restrict users to certain files and/or documents.

document center icon

SharePoint 2013 offers its users to use a Document Centre Site Template. This template supports creating knowledge base archives. Typically, knowledge bases contain single versions of documents, and a site can scale to 10 million files. In a typical scenario, such as a technical support centre for a large organization, 10,000 users might access content, primarily to read it. A subset of 3,000 to 4,000 users might upload new content to the site. You can also create another type of large-scale archive by using the Records Centre site template. The template contains features for managing the retention and disposition of records

Thursday, 07 May 2015 13:47

Microsoft SharePoint - SharePoint Systems

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2016 South Africa 

Microsoft SharePoint is a framework, used by businesses to combine various business functions in order to streamline the day to day running of a business. This framework is completely customizable allowing business Owners to communicate, collaborate and manage their companies within the SharePoint System, therefore, ensuring more efficient employees and effective business.

MS SharePoint is installed on your back end systems and shared across your network. Without being a web designer or a programmer, SharePoint enables you to track, store and manage electronic documents and other business functions. SharePoint conveniently provides integrated history tracking and live editing amongst work colleagues and top management and therefore enables you to organize your employees, information and business projects more efficiently. Whether working with one person or a number of employees, SharePoint gives you shared calendars, shared task list and discussion boards, it allows you to keep track of all your business content and let you know all the day to day changes made. 

SharePoint Online acts as an internet portal thus giving you a place to store all your content, Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, agendas, images, audio, videos and databases and can all be uploaded remotely in your "Cloud" instead of saving it to local folders or emailing it back and forth to people thus ensuring safety of documents and gives you the opportunity to access it from remote destinations, in other words you do not have to physically be in the office to access SharePoint, it can be accessed remotely via Laptop, Cell phone, Tablet etc. from many places around the world.

MS SharePoint Features and Benefits 

A SharePoint intranet is a way to centralize access to business applications and information. It is used as a tool to help company's manage and maintain its internal communications, applications and documentation more efficiently and with ease. SharePoint is not a program, it’s a platform that can Automate and solve many problems within a company. SharePoint has many organizational benefits such as less physical paperwork (Which could be lost or misplaced), it increases employee engagement and centralizes process management. Access can be limited to specific teams or personnel and appropriate privileges can be defined based on information needs for that team or employee which can be set out by Management of your business and can be changed at any time.

SharePoint server hosts "One Drive for Business" which allows storage within the cloud and synchronization for ease of distribution of files across different devices and file sharing. SharePoint offers many features including Office 365 supplying you with all your office needs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher and One Note. It also includes Sub sites where you can have up to as many as 2000 sub companies, Document Centre, Lists and Libraries, Access groups and Permissions as well as a Visual studio. With SharePoint Development having complete customization, it can be adapted to the needs of the business and ensures optimal efficiency of your company and employees.

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What can SharePoint Online do for my business?

  1. Organize- Track Projects, Connect Teams and Store and Sync documents.
  2. Manage- Manage Risks, Manage Costs and track and manage employees to improve effectiveness and productivity. Quick linking for access of certain groups or employees better Team Collaboration. 
  3. Mobile Computing- Access from anywhere at any time.
  4. Customizable- SharePoint is completely customizable to your preference! Have what you want when you want it designed to your taste. 
  5. Fast, Easy and Reliable- Training is provided for optimum use, Safety in the cloud storage system with better security.
  6. Optimize your Time- SharePoint has the ability to replace numerous manual tasks allowing you to have more time to focus on more important issues.

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