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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2016 South Africa 

Microsoft SharePoint is a framework, used by businesses to combine various business functions in order to streamline the day to day running of a business. This framework is completely customizable allowing business Owners to communicate, collaborate and manage their companies within the SharePoint System, therefore, ensuring more efficient employees and effective business.

MS SharePoint is installed on your back end systems and shared across your network. Without being a web designer or a programmer, SharePoint enables you to track, store and manage electronic documents and other business functions. SharePoint conveniently provides integrated history tracking and live editing amongst work colleagues and top management and therefore enables you to organize your employees, information and business projects more efficiently. Whether working with one person or a number of employees, SharePoint gives you shared calendars, shared task list and discussion boards, it allows you to keep track of all your business content and let you know all the day to day changes made. 

SharePoint Online acts as an internet portal thus giving you a place to store all your content, Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, agendas, images, audio, videos and databases and can all be uploaded remotely in your "Cloud" instead of saving it to local folders or emailing it back and forth to people thus ensuring safety of documents and gives you the opportunity to access it from remote destinations, in other words you do not have to physically be in the office to access SharePoint, it can be accessed remotely via Laptop, Cell phone, Tablet etc. from many places around the world.

MS SharePoint Features and Benefits 

A SharePoint intranet is a way to centralize access to business applications and information. It is used as a tool to help company's manage and maintain its internal communications, applications and documentation more efficiently and with ease. SharePoint is not a program, it’s a platform that can Automate and solve many problems within a company. SharePoint has many organizational benefits such as less physical paperwork (Which could be lost or misplaced), it increases employee engagement and centralizes process management. Access can be limited to specific teams or personnel and appropriate privileges can be defined based on information needs for that team or employee which can be set out by Management of your business and can be changed at any time.

SharePoint server hosts "One Drive for Business" which allows storage within the cloud and synchronization for ease of distribution of files across different devices and file sharing. SharePoint offers many features including Office 365 supplying you with all your office needs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher and One Note. It also includes Sub sites where you can have up to as many as 2000 sub companies, Document Centre, Lists and Libraries, Access groups and Permissions as well as a Visual studio. With SharePoint Development having complete customization, it can be adapted to the needs of the business and ensures optimal efficiency of your company and employees.

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What can SharePoint Online do for my business?

  1. Organize- Track Projects, Connect Teams and Store and Sync documents.
  2. Manage- Manage Risks, Manage Costs and track and manage employees to improve effectiveness and productivity. Quick linking for access of certain groups or employees better Team Collaboration. 
  3. Mobile Computing- Access from anywhere at any time.
  4. Customizable- SharePoint is completely customizable to your preference! Have what you want when you want it designed to your taste. 
  5. Fast, Easy and Reliable- Training is provided for optimum use, Safety in the cloud storage system with better security.
  6. Optimize your Time- SharePoint has the ability to replace numerous manual tasks allowing you to have more time to focus on more important issues.

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