Microsoft Office, Visual Studio 2015 and SQL Database

SharePoint Systems is a proudly South African Office 365 SharePoint Company, with Development Software, Programs and Tools that we can provide and at our disposal. With these SharePoint Applications, we are able to masterfully design and craft your dream Business System Solution.

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Microsoft Access Database

SharePoint Access Database is service we provide using the software program, Microsoft Access. We also offer Access Development in which we manage and develop your ever growing database.


1. Track, report and share your web data
2. Importing and linking directly to data
3. Effective, efficient & accurate business reporting
4. User friendly and allows drag-and-drop functionality
5. Design visual entry forms, store queries and write SQL’s
6. Create queries, forms, reports and tables

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Microsoft SharePoint

Mircosoft SharePoint 2013 is a framework, used by businesses to combine various business functions in order to streamline the day to day running of a business. SharePoint is not a program, it’s a platform!


1. Track Projects, Connect, Store and Sync documents
2. Manage Risks, Manage Costs and Manage employees
3. Access from anywhere at anytime
4. Completely customizable to your preference
5. Training is provided for optimum use
6. Ability to replace numerous manual tasks

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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is reliable, user friendly Microsoft Software used through the Microsoft Center. We at SharePoint Systems provide SharePoint Office 365 Development and Integration


1. Exchange Server, Office Web Apps, Lync with Yammer
2. Adds to the profit margin of your business
3. Easy set up and management
4. World-class data security and active directory integration
5. Business class email including calendar and contacts
6. 1TB to start with your New SharePoint platform

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Microsoft SQL Database

SQL is a domain-specific language, SQL is used in programming by SQL Developers and designed for managing data that is held in a relational Database Management.


1. No coding needed
2. The management of the database systems is very easy.
3. SQL is cross-platform and can be used on PCs, servers and laptops
4. Multiple data views

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Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio as a detailed, expansive creation platform allowing users to develope and design amazing applications for Windows, Android and IOS, as well as modern web applications.


1. Custom Windows Layouts
2. Able to do development on multiple devices
3. The Code Editor is Ultimately Better
4. Will provide suggestions, making your coding more effective
5. Connecting to Services
6. Service Wizard adds the necessary authentication and support

We use only the best in Design Tools, Software and Platforms

These three revolutionary Platforms below are what we use to create unique, customized and streamlined Business Collaboration and Workflow Systems to take your company or business into the future with a lot less hassle. They are Microsoft OfficeVisual Studio 2015 and SQL Database.

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