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Microsoft Powerpoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint

You can share and reuse individual PowerPoint slides by storing them in a Slide Library on a server running Office SharePoint Server. You, or any colleagues that have access to the Slide Library, can add slides to the Slide Library, insert slides from the Slide Library into your presentation or make changes to the slides in the Slide Library. You can also track changes that have been made to a slide and locate the latest version of a slide.

Using Slide Libraries allows you and other people in your company to create a central location for saving, storing, and sharing slides. When you publish a slide to a slide library, you make it available to be reused in any presentation by anyone who can access the Slide Library. 

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PowerPoint Automation Services

PowerPoint Automation Services is a new service application in SharePoint Server 2013 that provides automatic server-side conversion of PowerPoint Presentations from one format to another, for example, a PowerPoint Presentation in Open XML File Formar .pptx format can be converted into Portable Document Format (.pdf) for archival purposes, distribution to clients who do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, or to protect the presentation from editing. PowerPoint Automation Services provides conversion capabilities similar to Word Automation Services .

 When you upload a PowerPoint deck to a slide library, each slide becomes an individual entry in the library. To build a new deck, just click on the slides that you want and select Create a New Deck. This will automatically create the new deck from the slides you have selected.

You can link the new deck to the slide library stored in SharePoint Online. So when you open the linked deck, it will check with the slide library to see if any slides have been updated and if they have, it will update the slides automatically. In this way, you keep a "master" set of slides in the cloud and all the linked decks stay updated automatically.

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