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Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel in SharePoint 2013

Excel in SharePoint 2013 is am amazing tool for any business. It allows you to create documents, shreadsheets, reports and graphs to mention just a few, then you can upload them to your document library and the data can then be accessed by your other SharePoint users provided they have permission, even if the device they are using to access the data does not have Excel loaded to it.

How it works?

Excel workbooks can be connected to external devices, reports, shreadsheets and documents can be created, then the workbook can be published to a SharePoint document library. When another user opens the workbook from the the document library, it is rendered in the browser by using Excel Services. The external data connection is maintained and the data is refreshed if necessary. This allows broad sharing of reports throughout your company.

What are the benefits?

  • Sharing workbooks   Users can save Excel 2013 workbooks to a SharePoint Server document library to give other users browser-based access to the server version of the workbook. A user can interact and change with Excel-based data by sorting, filtering, expanding, or collapsing PivotTables. This provides the ability to perform analysis on published workbooks. A user does not have to have Excel 2013 installed to their device to view the workbook. Users will always view the latest version of a workbook, and they can interact with it in a browser. Security permissions can be set to limit what access is provided to which user.

  • Report Building   One of the most useful features of Excel Services is report building. By publishing data workbooks to a SharePoint document library and making them available through Excel Services, you can make reports that you have created in Excel available to others in your Business. Instead of multiple users having separate copies of the same workbooks on their computers, Which could cause confusion if one is working on it and they other doesnt have the most up to date version, the workbook can be created and changed by a trusted user in a central location that is trusted by Excel Services. The correct version of the worksheet is easier to find, share, and use from Excel, SharePoint Server, and other applications.

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