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OneDrive For Business

OneDrive For Business uses a platform called SharePoint to give each member of your team a place to store and work on documents with others. Because it uses SharePoint it also provides more administration options for working with documents. This means if you only want certain people to be able to see and access a certain document, then it can be done via Permissions within the SharePoint Site. It does not require being on the cloud as it can be installed on your own servers.

The contents of OneDrive for Business can be synchronized with one or more devices, allowing ease of access to groups working together, whether working remotely or in the same office. It asssits with ensuring all business files are stored in a central location, this helps make it easier for useres to share and collaberate on documents. You also have the option of moving your flies to be stores within the cloud, minimising security risks and on-premesis storage costs.

Customizing OneDrive for Business

Each OneDrive for Business site is own site collection under the personal managed pathe and a URL is created and assigned to a specific user profile. You can sync all your documents and you are able to access them from anywhere around the world on any supported device.

You can store all your files on OneDrive and udate them when ever you need to, you can then easily share documents, spreadsheets and presentations with colleagues easily. You are also able to Sync files across all your devices and are able to access them anytime from a supported device both online and offline.

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