Logistics Management Software

logistics management software

As you are aware by now, SharePoint can be used for a lot of different things, from Document management to a central Reporting Tool. But in this article, I’m going to tell you how Microsoft SharePoint could help the Logistical side of your business.



With any Logistics Department, you will need a vehicle register. You’re probably wondering what’s so different about this vehicle register from the one that you already have? Well, with our vehicle register, we can notify you a month, week or day before your vehicle is required to go in for another service or when your vehicle license is about to expire. To dig even deeper we can let you know when your driver’s licenses are due for renewal as well. It all depends on when you would need to be notified.

vehicle registry software

Vehicle Log Book

Would it not be easier for your drivers to log everything online including their daily trips? This will mean it’s all live and up-to-date data, which could be pulled into reports every week or month end if need be. This will also allow for real time tracking to be done and for any discrepancies to be dealt with on the spot.