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Thursday, 07 May 2015 13:35

SharePoint Development

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SharePoint, Office 365 & Database Development

We build custom developed business management systems that range from Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Fleet Maintenance and Control amongst many other types of applications that will help your company with its daily activities.

SharePoint, a complex Content Management System, or CMS for short, has many useful support features for a business system. There are just so many reasons to use SharePoint too long to list on a single page. However, an obvious feature is the ability to combine multiple "environments" separated as sites on the same server. While this may make little sense to anyone not versed in SharePoint, the SharePoint Developers of PikPak Tech are here for you.

SharePoint "Environments", what are they?

For example, you own a manufacturing company, you are sick and tired of a multitude of various systems keeping your business running smoothly. Most of the systems have different developers, so the collaboration of the systems and the company itself gets more complex. This is where SharePoint comes to your aid! A system that provides all required features:

1. Integrated external web page

2. Order Management

3. Customer Tickets and Support

4. Item Inventory and Records

5. Document Management Intranet Sites

These few environments can benefit from the built-in features like workflows and custom content types of SharePoint.

The strengths of SharePoint and why you need It

The greatest strength of SharePoint and why it is so popular is the versatility of all its features. It is not a system capable of processing one million transactions each second, even while the performance can be greatly upgraded with several servers in a farm, that is not the strength of SharePoint.

Integration between SharePoint with an external CMS, like EPiServer or Joomla, where the visitors shall be able to send messages from the web directly into SharePoint is common. These integrations then lead into creating a workflow which will trigger by a message when it's received by the customer support / sales staff, all the way until the errand can be closed. When done, users might build some graphs in a custom web part using MS chart displaying some sales data or statistics of support errands. There you go again, versatility!

Let's not forget the second biggest advantage of using SharePoint. You can focus on forward development; the backend is already there.