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SharePoint Consulting & Development Company

SharePoint Systems, a SharePoint Company in South Africa, have developed and will continue to develop outstanding SharePoint farm deployments (SharePoint Portal Development) and customized applications for each and every one of our valued and unique customers! SharePoint is an internationally acclaimed business software system that caters for any size or type of business, ranging from 1 to over 1 000 000+ staff.

SharePoint Office 365 Consulting, Design & Training Company South Africa

We as a SharePoint Consulting Company, have our professional and highly skilled SharePoint Developers on site. They are there to help resolve any company issues that may arise, with brilliantly designed and user-friendly software. We also offer SharePoint Training to ensure each and every staff member utilizing the system will be able to understand and grasp the immense power SharePoint Office 365 brings to your company. Microsoft Office 365 contains many features and even more capabilities that can dramatically reduce your workload and make running your businesses electronic sector much easier.
The capabilities and prospects of SharePoint and Office 365 are mind blowing - it is not a case of "IF" you will ever need them but "WHEN".
We are the all in one Business Process Solution and We are with you every step of the way!
While SPS is a SharePoint Company based in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, we have SharePoint branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and anywhere in between.
About Us at SPS

Who are SharePoint Systems?

Here are SharePoint Systems is a high-powered, innovative, intellectual group of individuals that that pride in our ability to create distinctive, extraordinary and original problem-solving solutions.

We realize that you will need to prioritize your own certain objectives to ensure your business is successful, then allow us to simply just make it as smooth as possible... Tell us your Problems and Let us Create Solutions!
Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is reliable, user-friendly Microsoft Software used through the Microsoft Center. We at SharePoint Systems provide SharePoint Office 365 Development and Integration.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is a framework, used by businesses to combine various business functions in order to streamline the day to day running of a business
Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a software program that provides templates to help you track, report and share your web data with othersby use of the Access Jet Database Engine.
Visual Studio

Micorsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is a rich, integrated development environment that allows any user to create stunning applications for Windows, Android, IOS and modern web applications.

We build, maintain and monitor business systems for clients in Africa helping them optimize their business.

What is SharePoint?

Watch the video below for a brief introduction to SharePoint
SharePoint Developers

Our SharePoint development team is growing from year to year. Let us help your business today!

Problems Sovled

We are masters of Problem Solving, Effective Business Solutions, and Efficiency. Give our consulting team a call today!

Years Experience

With almost 20 years collective experience with SharePoint Systems, We ensure quality results with great service.

Our SharePoint Services and Solutions

We are Expert SharePoint Developers, and we can construct Custom Business Management Software and Systems that will benefit your company.

SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint Systems specialize and provide the best Business Solutions...

Document Management Software

SharePoint Document Management is essentially a Document Repository...

Business Software

For our Business Administration Software, we use Office 365 through...

QMS Software

SharePoint Systems is capable of creating a unique Quality Management System...

Custom Software

Custom Software and Systems through networking increases efficiency, helps...

Customer Relationship Management

We have built a demo specifically to showcase the power of SharePoint...

Cloud Software

Cloud Based Software lives on the internet and is accessed through web browers...

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The Best SharePoint Design Tools, Software and Program Platforms

These four revolutionary SharePoint Platforms below are what we use to create unique, customized SharePoint System Networks to take your company into the future.
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Microsoft Access Database

SharePoint Access Database is service we provide using the software program, Microsoft Access. We also offer Access Development in which we manage and develop your ever growing database.

  • Track, report and share your web data
  • Importing and linking directly to data
  • Effective, efficient & accurate business reporting
  • User friendly and allows drag-and-drop functionality
  • Design visual entry forms, store queries and write SQL’s
  • Create queries, forms, reports and tables
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Microsoft SharePoint

Mircosoft SharePoint 2013 is a framework, used by businesses to combine various business functions in order to streamline the day to day running of a business. SharePoint is not a program, it’s a platform!

  • Track Projects, Connect, Store and Sync documents
  • Manage Risks, Manage Costs and Manage employees
  • Access from anywhere at anytime
  • Completely customizable to your preference
  • Training is provided for optimum use
  • Ability to replace numerous manual tasks
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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is reliable, user friendly Microsoft Software used through the Microsoft Center. We at SharePoint Systems provide SharePoint Office 365 Development and Integration

  • Exchange Server, Office Web Apps, Lync with Yammer
  • Adds to the profit margin of your business
  • Easy set up and management
  • World-class data security and active directory integration
  • Business class email including calendar and contacts
  • 1TB to start with your New SharePoint platform
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Microsoft Visual Studio

SharePoint Systems use Microsoft Visual Studio as a rich, intergrated development environment. Visual Studio 2015 Software creates amazing applications, Websites, Web Applications.

  • Tools and services for projects of any size or complexity
  • C#, Visual Basic, F#, C++, Python
  • Node.js and HTML / JavaScript
  • Debugging, profiling, automated and manual testing
  • Automated deployments and continuous monitoring
  • Windows, Android, iOS, modern web apps and cloud services

FREE Live Demo of SharePoint Office 365?

If you are unsure of what SharePoint Office 365 looks like or how it operates and how it would fit into your business, then check out our FREE LIVE Demo that we have created especially for you.
About SharePoint Systems

At SharePoint Systems, we strive to build high quality, stable and up to date business systems that can control every aspect of your business. Imagine a car without an engine? It wouldn't run.

The same goes for a company, without a stable platform to run on, the business will not function to its full capacity!

Our software is Microsoft based, which ensures you are siding with the leaders in the software development market. All based in the cloud.

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