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SharePoint Systems is a South African based business, who is passionate about customizing standard off-the-shelf Microsoft SharePoint Software and revolutionizing one organization at a time.

SharePoint is an internationally acclaimed business software system that caters for any size or type of business, ranging from 1 to over 1 000 000+ staff.

Reasons to Use Office 365 SharePoint

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Increase Productivity

Microsoft SharePoint is designed to increase your business’ performance, which in turn will achieve higher targets, with integrated user profiles and task management reporting through automated business flows.

Microsoft SharePoint Reporting

We custom build business reporting solutions with integrated process workflows and multi-level approval stages for Document libraries, SharePoint lists and Employee tasks, as well as day to day services such as simplified and automated leave forms and other business-related forms with dynamic links to employee and customer lists according to requirements.

Automate Tasks

There are so many day to day tasks that could be simplified with a workflow, or by creating a few extra fields on a form. Whichever it is, Office 365 Sharepoint can help automate business tasks and streamline projects.

Multiple System Integration

Its frustrating having multiple apps in different locations, creating silos of data that cannot talk to each other! Microsoft 365 SharePoint is the PERFECT solution to integrate, collate and even manage data from multiple sources. This will be the centre of your business.

Software Diversity

Engineering software, industrial software, agricultural software, production software, reporting software and much more. SharePoint’s flexibility is unmatched with the ability of transforming any business into an automated work process.
  • “SharePoint Systems have been maintaining our SharePoint server and designing our custom applications for a period of four years. I would recommend them to any company requiring SharePoint Development or similar services.”
    SharePoint User
    Group IS Manager
  • “SharePoint Systems were tasked with the development of a SharePoint Front Facing Public Website for KZN Depts. They were accommodating in allowing the team from the Dept to be physically involved in the live development at their premises.”
    SharePoint User
    Kzn Dept Manager
  • “Due to the vast nature & size of our company, standard bought-in IT programs do not meet our requirements and often these systems would need to be tweaked to fit our needs. This is where SharePoint Systems Shine! They develop bespoke systems that suit your company's needs but can also integrate into existing systems.”
    SharePoint User
    Managing Member
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