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  • Welcome to SharePoint Systems

    SharePoint Systems is a proudly South African Office 365 and SharePoint Consultancy. We implement the latest technology within acceptable timeframes and budget and that differentiates us from the rest. Read More
  • Access Database, Office365, SharePoint 2013

    We are able to develop in multiple platforms, languages and programs to suit every companies requirements! We are able to integrate, collaborate and infiltrate nearly every system or software currently on the market today! Read More
  • SharePoint Interactive Demo

    Why not try out our fully interactive live demo! We have built a few SharePoint Office365 sites for our potential and current clients to browse through and get some ideas on how to evolve their own system further. Read More
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What is SharePoint?

Click on the video to start understanding what SharePoint is and can do for your Company

SharePoint Development Team


Our SharePoint Development team is growing from year to year. Let us develop your Sharepoint System!

SharePoint Systems

We are masters of Problem Solving, Effective Business Solutions, and Efficiency. Give our consulting team a call today!



With almost 20 years collective experience with SharePoint Systems, We ensure quality results with great service.

Share Data

Connect, Engage & Share with employees in the workplace. Complete tasks Quickly, Efficiently and Effectively.


Organise Tasks

SharePoint Systems Software can be utilized with 1 user up to 1 000 000+ depending on your specific requirements.


Learn Insights

Your company development rate increases exponentially with so much information available at the click of a mouse.


Custom Development

If you want to have ultimate control in your business processes. SharePoint Systems Office365 platform is entirely customizable.


Click "Get Started" for a free trial of SharePoint Office365 for your company. Start custom building your Sharepoint System today.

Get Started

Software Integration

The SharePoint System has an amazing ability to bridge or sync with any software on the market today. Whether you wish to retrieve all your accounting data from Pastel, or display infomation from other business systems, SharePoint Office365 can do it all. Learn More

Accounting Software

Bridge or Sync with any accounting package!

Display customers, orders, reports easily and efficiently.

Database Integration

SharePoint can integrate with any system database!

Retrieve, sort, display data is unlimited ways!

Welcome to SharePoint Systems

We are Sharepoint Office365 Consulting/Consultants, Development & Training Experts


SharePoint Systems have developed and will continue to develop outstanding SharePoint farm deployments (SharePoint Portal Development) and customised applications for each and every one of our valued and unique customers!

SharePoint is an internationally acclaimed business software system that caters for any size or type of business, ranging from 1 to over 1 000 000+ staff.

We have our professional and highly skilled SharePoint System developers on site to offer SharePoint System Consulting. They are there to help resolve any company issues that may arise, with brilliantly designed and user friendly software. We also offer SharePoint System Training to ensure each and every staff member utilizing the system will be able to understand and grasp the immense power SharePoint Office365 brings to your company. 

Office 365 contains many features and even more capabilites that can dramatically reduce your work load and make running your businesses electronic sector much easier. 

The capabilities and prospects of SharePoint and Office 365 are mindblowing - its not a case of "IF" you will ever need them but "WHEN".

We are the all in one Business Process Solution and We are with you every step of the way!